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The Opportunity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology category that is poised to sweep the world in the next few years. Research firms like Gartner estimate that over 20 billion devices will be networked and producing data by the year 2020. Connected devices are transforming the way that businesses think about their assets, and how they plan their logistics.

Swipe iX recognised a huge opportunity to use our data analytics skills to join this new technological wave.

We partnered up with MOST, a global logistics intelligence company based out of Stockholm, Sweden that allows their clients to monitor their assets in real time with astonishing accuracy. The company produces a device with five digital sensors that monitors location, temperature, light, humidity and shock on a continuous basis. That data is continuously uploaded to the web via a GSM connection.

From perishables to electronics, fixed property to logistics, MOST’s sophisticated sensors can be configured to any business sector to provide a constant stream of real-time data that contains valuable insights

Interpreting The Data

In order to unlock value from that data requires a sophisticated monitoring operation. Swipe iX was tasked with creating a platform for MOST that could ingest the data, store it safely and deliver a dashboard capable of visualising the incoming data in a comprehensible way which can be used for real-time monitoring of the information.

The system that Swipe iX delivered requires no hardware or software installation from the client. It makes use of a simple login that provides access to a web based dashboard configured to the clients’ needs.

Alerts and notifications can be set up to be delivered either via SMS or email, depending on preference. Clients can generate tailored reports at the push of a button, and share with any recipient of their choice.

The analytics component of MOST’s offering is a critical piece of the puzzle. Data on its own means very little, and the insights that it offers can be hard to uncover. A customizable dashboard built on a stable cloud-platform such as AWS has a transformative effect on any data-driven business, which translates into real cost savings for the client.

Key Takeaways

  • Establish presence in the Internet of Things
  • Manage large batches of incoming data
  • Design customizable dashboards
  • Provide detailed technical analysis of big data

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