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The Client

Discovery Networks is an iconic television brand made up of a number of informative channels, including award-winning properties such as the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC and many more.

Swipe iX has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the UK-based broadcaster. Our partnership with Discovery has resulted in the creation of a number of excellent digital platforms for Central & Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East and Africa.

This stimulating long-running project has provided Swipe iX with an opportunity to flex its creative muscle and produce innovative and crowd-pleasing content.

The Challenge

Our mission was clear: to translate the joy and learning of these beloved television channels onto the web, where users can unlock new learning opportunities and enjoy unmatched interactivity.

Working with Discovery, Swipe iX has created various strategies for interactive content and delivered microsites, competitions, quizzes and corporate tools that have enhanced the reputation of the global brand and facilitated the work that they do.

Some of our most satisfying projects include:

Discovery Africa

Discovery Channel immerses viewers in stories of experts, pioneers, and mavericks, captivating the audience with excitement and adventure and fueling a desire for knowledge. The Discovery Channel is home to your favourite shows including Gold Rush, Fast N' Loud, Street Outlaws, Deadliest Catch and much more.

Swipe was responsible for building the premier destination for Discovery Channel’s primary website for the African continent. The website includes dedicated landing pages for the network’s most popular shows with custom-built widgets created for competitions, polls, programming schedules and more.

Next Great Presenter

Following on from the success of the Discovery web platform we built, Swipe iX was offered the opportunity to create a number of stand-alone campaigns for Discovery, most notably TLC’s Next Great Presenter.

User generated content could be uploaded in the form of videos and images that were specially created for the campaign.

The site garnered more than 1500 entries from various countries over it’s roughly 2 months lifespan. The general public judged the entries, shared the work, commented and interacted with the sites before finally choosing a winner.

Campaign Sites

Various standalone campaign destinations were created among which were World Asteroid Day and World Science Day.

For Asteroid Day 2017, Swipe iX created an online destination featuring 360° video footage of the Tunguska Asteroid Impact, interactive expert interviews, a playable browser game as well as a social feed to track community conversation.

On World Science Day 2016, Swipe iX created an interactive virtual reality experience that users accessed through a specially-built microsite.

Innovation Portal

Swipe iX took the opportunity of working within the Discovery CEEMA regions to create an innovative, internal web platform for employees. Too often, great ideas that are generated internally never see the light of day. As a result, we built an innovation pipeline that facilitated the sharing of challenges, innovations and ideas internally. Additional features were included for chatting, commenting, integrating Google docs and more.

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