No-code and low-code development services

Give your people the ability to direct, change and build technology assets, even if they’re not developers or IT professionals. Swipe iX delivers the transformational impact of low- and no-code in our customers' organisations, from enterprises to SMEs, backed by our extensive experience using leading tools such as WordPress, Webflow, Microsoft Power Apps, Retool and Bravo Studio.

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No-code/low-code: Giving technology skills to everyone

“While low-code application development is not new, a confluence of digital disruptions, hyper automation and the rise of composable business has led to an influx of tools and rising demand.“

Everyone can use technology to accomplish extraordinary things for their organisations. In many ways, they do, such as setting macros in spreadsheets or workflow rules in project management software. No-code and low-code systems expand this reach into a broader range of digital systems.

Designing websites and newsletters, connecting databases, developing mobile and web apps, establishing content management platforms – these capabilities are all available to managers, analysts, designers, content creators and any capable employee. Even skilled developers use low- and no-code products to speed up their productivity.

How no/low-code works

Low/no-code utilises visual interfaces with drag-and-drop interfaces and predesigned modules to bring together different pieces quickly, intuitively, and efficiently for a specific purpose. It can be as simple as applying visual, workflow or process design experience or, with the help of minimal training, expanding into advanced implementations. Low/no-code unfurls a world of digital process and system development previously only available through cumbersome and scarce IT channels.

General use cases include:


Robust content systems for internal and external websites with numerous third-party integration choices.


Web design tools for creating responsive websites, landing pages, ecommerce sites, blogs, and content management.

Data managers

Business database integration, management, and manipulation tools with rich visual interfaces.

UI builders

Intuitive user interface builders with database integration, rule engines, and visual workflows.

Cross development

Cross-platform mobile development

Swipe iX no/low-code matches business needs

Low/no-code is transformational for organisations and their business professionals. But the right tools must match their needs and skills. Swipe iX does extensive research and testing to identify low- and no-code development products that our customers can handle, that we use on their behalf, or as a collaborative effort.

Web/content builders

Give your designers, marketers, web developers and content managers the ability to design and configure websites, newsletters, landing pages, content management systems, ecommerce stores, blog sites and more.


This platform sets the standard for creating accessible, flexible, intuitive content management platforms and websites. WordPress is easy to learn and provides powerful features such as database support, extensive plugins, and a wide variety of themes – many available for free.


Built for marketers and graphic designers, Webflow provides a suite of visual drag-and-drop tools to create responsive websites, landing pages, ecommerce sites, blogs, and more. It also has a potent content management system and can function as a hosting platform.

Internal and enterprise development

Low/no-code is transformational for organisations and their business professionals. But the right tools must match their needs and skills. Swipe iX does extensive research and testing to identify low- and no-code development products that our customers can handle, that we use on their behalf, or as a collaborative effort.


Create rich visual business tools that connect to any data store or API, using premade building blocks such as tables, lists and charts. Retool enables business developers and novice coders to leverage company information and systems at a remarkably fast pace.

Microsoft Power Apps

Get more from your Microsoft 365 ecosystem with Power Apps. Use the drag-and-drop designer to access Microsoft services through more than 200 connectors and pre-built templates to build business apps, portals and websites. You can also conveniently tap into advanced features such as artificial intelligence and role-based customisation.

App development

Take the time and pain out of making mobile apps for your business. Low/no-code mobile app development platforms make it simple for designers and business gurus to shape new tools that accelerate your operations. Easily consumable features enable anyone to start building functional and secure apps, while granular controls allow advanced collaborators to dig deep and access advanced features.


Develop, test, and deploy mobile apps confidently using Flutterflow, an online app builder that leverages Google’s powerful Flutter framework. Teams can develop secure cross-platform apps 10 times faster for multiple mobile operating systems, using the intuitive interface that offers deep levels of abstraction – an excellent environment for both straightforward and elaborate app development.

Bravo Studio

Made for designers, Bravo Studio lets your people build apps for iOS and Android without extensive development knowledge. It can also convert prototypes made through the collaborative Figma design tool without writing a line of code. Access a broad catalogue of mobile features, such as push notifications and QR scanning, utilise a wide variety of design assets, and integrate with external data sources and APIs.

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How we work

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Contact Swipe iX, share your ideas with us and let us help turn those into reality.

Agile and resolute

Swipe iX combines extensive experience, talent, and project management to help our customers match their requirements. We employ agile development to deliver trust, flexibility, empowerment, and collaboration. Using two-week sprint cycles, we frequently define, develop and demo completed functionality to you. Our approach keeps pace with your shifting requirements and provides tangible outcomes on which you can make reliable choices for future steps.

Test and iterate

We initiate our projects by evaluating your needs and creating a journey that helps us quickly start testing if we cover all flows and needs. We then create wireframes to aid with testing flows, layouts, processes, documentation, and optimisation. Our methodologies emphasise usability testing, engaging with vetted internal and external parties. Interface design doesn't take a back seat – our teams work with a combination of Sketch and Figma to produce stunning, functional, intuitive, and engaging user experiences. Design prototypes enable us – and you – to test app concepts before writing any code.

Technical delivery

A scope of work guides each project, describing the desired outcome of features and establishing a user story articulating the user’s goals. This approach gives all participants clear guidance in selecting and prioritising function design. If needed, we also create API specifications and documentation for optimum integrations. Architectural designs let us make sense of hardware and software component requirements. Once we define the different deliverables for a function, we build it as one of several concurrent agile sprints to ensure timely, responsive, and affordable delivery that includes you as a primary collaborator.

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