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Swipe Synergy

Swipe’s machine built for
innovation and collaboration.

Where visionaries, thinkers, artists, and makers thrive on co-creating
amazing experiences, products and businesses with you.
Together, we create beautiful solutions.

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Swipe Synergy works with you to build human-centred, innovative and sustainable solutions.

We co-create with you and your customers to generate ideas,
unearthing hidden value inherent in your ecosystem and building
unconventional solutions that drive growth.

The Swipe Synergy Approach


We interrogate your corporate strategy and business model, including those of your supporting business units. We unearth deep insights on your customers and future customers through ethnographic research (qualitative), sentiment analysis and survey-based research (quantitative). We gather external trends and industry best practices to gain an outside-in view of your business.


By triangulating the data in the Discover phase, we’re able to synthesise the internal and external data to uncover hidden value inherent in your ecosystem, both for existing and future client opportunities.


In a design shop, we co-create the right key areas of growth to ideate on opportunities. This phase involves defining where to play, how to win, and the potential investment required for the right capabilities to implement the prioritised solutions.


Our design team creates the design wireframes and lo-fi prototypes to validate the solutions with end customers. Once validated, this is progressed into the full prototype for functionality testing, bringing the solution to life.


We deliver the best solution by ensuring the right technology meets the right infrastructure, enabling the longevity of the solution in your environment. We create solutions that are scalable and secure in the right environment to protect your brand and assets.

Track & Measure

We help define KPIs against both industry best practices and your strategic intent to track and measure the value created.


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Humans & technology: a glimpse into human-centred design

Written by: Marianne de Vos • UI Designer