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Swipe iX develops and delivers apps for your employees and customers. Through our agile workflows, we collaborate with you to create exactly what you envision. Whether you’re an enterprise or SME, we bring the power of mobile apps into your organisation.

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The power of apps in business

“Mobile apps can help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) build brand loyalty and monitor business relationships, especially if they maintain close contact with customers or business partners.”

Developing mobile apps is challenging and can get caught in redundant development cycles. Many companies have tried and failed to build apps suited to their strategies and operations. Swipe iX breaks the cycle of underwhelming mobile app results, using a range of development tools and frameworks to rapidly deliver apps using a collaborative and low-risk approach.

We leverage the power of visual design and expert development to involve you at every step. See the workflows and design come to life, and rely on us to design, test, enhance and build your mobile app ideas.


Mobile app development is a multi-faceted world, varying between the different devices of users and customers. Selecting the appropriate architecture makes crucial differences to project times, updates and support. Swipe iX collaborates with our customers to find the best fit for their short- and long-term mobile application strategies. We cover a range of choices for the most suitable web app outcomes, whether native development for iOS or Android, hybrid shared code apps for multiple platforms, or dynamic, responsive single-page apps.

Mobile app technologies


Native: mobile applications developed specifically for a mobile operating system such as Google Android or Apple iOS, using suitable programming languages and integrated development environments (IDEs).


Hybrid/web native: applications that target more than one environment, sharing the same code base for efficiency and developed with leading hybrid tools such as Flutter and Ionic, and well-known languages, including JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Single page app

Single page app: SPAs dynamically change their content and layout based on user requirements, built using popular frameworks such as Angular and React.

Bespoke mobile development with modern languages & frameworks


Various development languages offer advantages and features for mobile apps. Swipe iX utilises these different options, selecting the best coding base for each project to ensure timely delivery and applications that won't fall behind technology trends. From scripting languages such as HTML and JavaScript, to more advanced choices that include C++, Kotlin, Java, Objective-C and Swift, at Swipe iX, we select the most suitable bespoke and commodity languages to meet your app development objectives.


Mobile apps rarely need to be developed from scratch. Swipe iX has extensive experience with various leading development frameworks to ensure faster delivery, adherence to standards, and inclusion of sought-after features. Our teams are experts with frameworks and platforms such as Xamarin, Flutter, FlutterFlow, Ionic, React Native and integrated development environments native to specific mobile platforms. We reduce development time and costs by using frameworks, widgets, and API integration without skimping on quality or features.

Are you a fit for our frameworks?

Case study

Read more on how Swipe iX and Dubai-based Back 9 Solutions approached and developed the Emirates Dubai 7s mobile app, CMS and website ticketing tool.

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Dubai 7s Ticketing

API • CMS • AWS • Hybrid Application

How we work

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Contact Swipe iX, share your ideas with us and let us help turn those into reality.

Agile and resolute

Swipe iX combines extensive experience, talent, and project management to help our customers match their requirements. We employ agile development to deliver trust, flexibility, empowerment, and collaboration. Using two-week sprint cycles, we frequently define, develop and demo completed functionality to you. Our approach keeps pace with your shifting requirements and provides tangible outcomes on which you can make reliable choices for future steps.

Test and iterate

We initiate our projects by evaluating your needs and creating a journey that helps us quickly start testing if we cover all flows and needs. We then create wireframes to aid with testing flows, layouts, processes, documentation, and optimisation. Our methodologies emphasise usability testing, engaging with vetted internal and external parties. Interface design doesn't take a back seat – our teams work with a combination of Sketch and Figma to produce stunning, functional, intuitive, and engaging user experiences. Design prototypes enable us – and you – to test app concepts before writing any code.

Technical delivery

A scope of work guides each project, describing the desired outcome of features and establishing a user story articulating the user’s goals. This approach gives all participants clear guidance in selecting and prioritising function design. If needed, we also create API specifications and documentation for optimum integrations. Architectural designs let us make sense of hardware and software component requirements. Once we define the different deliverables for a function, we build it as one of several concurrent agile sprints to ensure timely, responsive, and affordable delivery that includes you as a primary collaborator.

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