New Media launches AI content solution for small businesses

March 6, 2024

New Media launches AI content solution for small businesses

New Media digital solutions division Swipe iX has developed a groundbreaking GPT-4-enabled tool that unlocks the creative potential of AI

The new platform harnesses the award-winning content marketing agency’s storytelling experience and tech expertise, empowering businesses with limited marketing budgets to generate their own high-quality content.

Swipe iX CTO Deon Heunis says: “AI can’t replace a professional marketing team or agency, but the proliferation of generative AI in the past year has given everyday businesspeople access to tools that can help them elevate their own marketing efforts. However, using AI to deliver standardised, quality work at scale can be challenging and time consuming. is our solution.” eliminates the time needed to think up useful ChatGPT prompts. Instead, users can enter a basic prompt or create a simple persona, which the tool then enhances, leading to high-quality outputs.

Heunis says: “With AI, you get out what you put in, which means a user still needs a certain degree of understanding of marketing and content creation to get a good result with ChatGPT. But uses a behind-the-scenes AI algorithm to transform your simple input into a powerful input, which leads to powerful results.” is just the start of New Media’s AI journey. CEO Aileen Lamb explains: “AI is an essential tool. We’re using to make our own agency more efficient, and we’re excited that it gives us an avenue to share our knowledge with SMMEs so that they can bolster their own marketing efforts. Now your local dentist or travel agency can reach and resonate with their target audiences too.

“The ability to create innovations such as is exactly why we acquired Swipe iX in 2020. It’s paired our 25 years of content marketing expertise with the most innovative software developers in the business, giving our clients a single impactful agency solution – with content that connects and tech that empowers.”

Whether you need an AI marketing manager to create a comprehensive marketing plan or an AI event planner to manage the logistics of your next product launch, has you covered.

Visit and access the beta version today.

Jacques Fourie

Jan-Paul Barnard

Frontend Team Lead

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