Sign Up For Serverless Summit 2021

November 16, 2021

Sign Up For Serverless Summit 2021

Take one look at the lineup for the 2021 Serverless Summit and you’ll know it’s not to be missed. This year, globaldatanet organised this worldwide, fully online event, bringing industry experts, cloud gurus and AWS enthusiasts together for two days of knowledge sharing. Taking place on 17 and 18 November, it’s extra special for the Swipe iX community, as one of our senior cloud developers, Rehan van der Merwe, will be speaking.

Avoid FOMO

The Serverless Summit 2021 programme is jam-packed with 20-minute tech sessions, practical insights and use cases, Q&As and hands-on workshops. Attendees are given the opportunity to learn from serverless experts across the globe and, what’s more, the tickets are 100% free! If you’re interested in attending this virtual event, simply click on over to the Serverless Summit website to register, and be sure to check out the attendee perks page and comprehensive programme schedule while you’re there.

Rehan will be presenting “Refactoring a distributed monolith to microservices” on day two at 7:30pm SAST.

Rehan van der Merwe

Meet Rehan

Rehan is a senior multilingual cloud developer at Swipe iX, and proud AWS Community Hero. He started out in electronic engineering and electronic communications engineering but has since shifted his focus to all things AWS, organising monthly AWS Pretoria meetups and using his free time to share his AWS knowledge through speaking opportunities and blog posts. Rehan currently holds three AWS certifications and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect who believes in “moving fast and not breaking things”.

He says of his Serverless Summit session:

“We will run a scenario on three types of monolithic architectures and then focus on how it is done with microservices. Amazon EventBridge and the Event Carried State Transfer pattern create loosely coupled, and independent services. This eliminates synchronous calls between services to increase system availability.”

See you at Serverless Summit 2021!

Sharen van Lill

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