Employee Spotlight | Suzanne Rentzke

February 28, 2022

Employee Spotlight | Suzanne Rentzke

We have a star in our midst! When you hear the name Suzanne Rentzke, you may associate it with incredible singing talent and a bubbly personality. But this month, we’re switching our focus from Suzanne’s noteworthy contributions to the music industry and celebrating her astounding contributions to the Swipe iX team.

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How Did You Find Your Way To Project Management?

I quickly realised after my studies that I don’t want to be pushed into a box when it came to my career. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and life would be way too boring doing the same thing for the rest of your days. I come from a background in PR and the television and entertainment industry, where I was a production manager for 14 years, managing both big-scale theatrical productions and TV shows. Working at Swipe iX allows me to be part of doing great things and challenging myself to go beyond what that little girl inside me thought was possible.

What Motivates Or Inspires You Careerwise?

I am motivated by the unthinkable made possible. Listening to the visionaries of today – or looking back at what the visionaries of 10 or 20 years ago predicted – makes you think. I’m inspired by being part of or creating something I feel proud of, something that actually makes a difference somewhere.

What do you like about working at Swipe iX?

I love being part of the Swipe team, where we share the same sense of going beyond what a scope of work on paper is in order to deliver excellence in everything we do. You do spend most of your time with your work family and if you can enjoy that, it’s a true blessing.

Fun Facts About Suzanne

I love music, especially singing. I’m also picking up on my other big passion, running, and recently started boxing. But I wouldn’t actually call boxing a hobby, since one should like something to call it a hobby, but watch this space.

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This Or That

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Happy Swipeaversary, Suzanne! Thank you for your exceptional contributions and being an extraordinary Swiper. We look forward to celebrating many more Swipeaversaries with you.

Sharen van Lill

Digital Marketing Specialist

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