Employee Spotlight | Sanja Heunis

March 18, 2022

Employee Spotlight | Sanja Heunis

At Swipe, we absolutely love celebrating Swipeversaries, knowing that our culture motivates and retains talented people. Sanja Heunis is one of these talented Swipers. She celebrated her fourth Swipeaversary last month. Interested to know more about this amazing Swiper? You’re at the right place!

Sanja Heunis, Senior Digital Producer at Swipe iX

How Did You Find Your Way To Senior Digital Producer?

My work experience prior to Swipe was quite limited. I started out as a data capturer at a great international company that had a referral tracking software product. Eventually I moved into a client onboarding role and learned a lot in a short period of time, but the environment and company offering was completely different so I was very junior when I started at Swipe.

Currently, I’m in a transitional role – moving from senior digital producer (which is a combination of account, product and project management) to business systems analyst. It was very challenging (but rewarding) to manage the DStv General Entertainment websites, and I’m excited for this next chapter and to form part of our product division.

What Motivates Or Inspires You Careerwise?

“If other people can do it, so can I”. That mantra has gotten me through a lot of challenging times. It sounds simple but it’s true – just pull up your metaphorical socks and get in there. Work harder and then work smarter. That and unwavering support from my husband (having someone believe in you so completely is a very powerful thing). 

Why Do You Love Working At Swipe iX?

It would definitely be a 50/50 mixture between our stellar management team and my fellow employees. Every single Swiper brings something different and valuable to the table. We all stand together, we all work together, we all care about each other (and the socials are great too). Our execs, Leo and Deon, are also among the main contributors to my immense job satisfaction level. They are so passionate, smart, supportive, inspiring and caring – it’s almost impossible to imagine working anywhere else. 

Words You Live By/Favourite Quote?

There are many inspirational quotes. I don’t subscribe to one single quote. Ultimately, most of them come down to these four elements: work hard; constantly improve yourself; be grateful; and balance is key. The fifth element is love. Love for what you do, for yourself, for your life, and for your family.

Fun Facts About Sanja

I’m actually exploring quite a few hobbies right now. I’ve always loved reading and cooking, and now I’m getting into trail walks, crocheting and painting classes (I’m not good at painting, I just really enjoy it). Not all hobbies are meant to generate income, even though we secretly fantasise about it. Not sure if this counts as a hobby but I also enjoy spring cleaning and love reorganising the garage.

This Or That

Happy Swipeaversary, Sanja! Thank you for your exceptional contributions and being an extraordinary Swiper. We look forward to celebrating many more Swipeaversaries with you.

Sharen van Lill

Digital Marketing Specialist

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