Employee Spotlight | Rasool Booley

May 17, 2022

Employee Spotlight | Rasool Booley

It feels like only yesterday that Rasool joined the Swipe team but, as you know, time flies when you’re having fun – and last month Rasool celebrated his first Swipeaversary. Once the new kid on the block (with questionable foosball skills) Rasool quickly became an invaluable member of the team and now we can’t imagine Swipe without him! Keen to learn more about this self-proclaimed “breaker of things”? You’re at the right place. 

Rasool Booley | Junior QA Tester at Swipe iX

How Did You Find Your Way To Junior QA Tester?

I only had one job before I started working at Swipe. It was a general intern developer role where I did a little bit of everything, from dev to QA to BA. I started doing a bit of automation and really enjoyed it, and so naturally I leaned more towards QA seeing as it was what I enjoyed the most. This led me to getting my ISTQB foundation level certification and eventually ending up at Swipe iX, where I’m basically a professional breaker of things (I think six-year-old me would be proud). 

What Motivates You or Inspires You Careerwise?

Learning new things! It’s definitely not very exciting, but the accomplishment you feel after you learn something new and actually getting to apply it in a practical way is one of the most rewarding feelings, in my opinion.

Why do you love working at Swipe iX?

The people and the culture, definitely. I’ve been working remotely since I’ve started at Swipe and I strangely feel more connected and part of the team than I ever did going to an office every morning. I also really enjoy how much Swipe cares about everyone's career development. It’s refreshing to have so many ways to improve your skills, learn more, and to have it be encouraged on top of that!

Words You Live By/Favourite Quote?

“As long as you change your perspective and keep moving forward, you will always find your way.” I paraphrased a bit, but it’s a quote I heard recently that I quite enjoy. 

Fun Facts About Rasool

Maestro In The Making

Apart from my love for music and musical instruments, I also dabble in running and I’m currently pushing myself to do more half marathons. I also recently got into traditional archery, and want to try out horseback archery eventually.

This or That

Happy Swipeaversary, Rasool! You are an incredible addition to our all-star team and we look forward to celebrating many more Swipeaversaries with you. 

Sharen van Lill

Digital Marketing Specialist

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