Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Automation | Redefining Modern Business

July 29, 2021

Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Automation | Redefining Modern Business

Keeping up with technology as it evolves is not an easy feat, and “digitisation” and “digital transformation” can be overwhelming. The “automate everything” mindset has left many organisations with a myriad of questions. But, at its core, true digital transformation requires more than just one type of technology, and that’s where intelligent automation comes into play. Let’s take a look at what intelligent automation is and how it can benefit your business. 

What is IA?

Intelligent automation (IA) spans the entire automation journey. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to automate processes within a company and ultimately accelerate digital transformation. IA can automate corporate-level processes through business process management (BPM) and task-level processes using RPA, while leveraging AI and analytics to automate decision making and allow sufficient flexibility for end-to-end case management success. 

The 3 Components of IA

Artificial intelligence

AI is the simulation of human intelligence by machines and is arguably one of the most critical components of intelligent automation. AI branches out into a wide range of technologies including machine learning, natural language processing and neural networks. AI is able to analyse structured and unstructured data and make judgement calls based on this data to improve workflows, thus forming the decision-making engine of intelligent automation. 

Business process management

BPM is a process automation technology that ensures the operational and business process infrastructure of a company operates efficiently through the coordination of systems, data and people. It assigns each component of an organisation to specific tasks within the business process infrastructure, while also tracking and storing all of the information that is generated through the entire process. 

Robotic process automation

RPA is a type of software used to minimise human intervention in computer applications by emulating human interaction at a higher speed.This technology aims to replace repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, giving employees more time to focus on tasks which require a human touch. 

IA Benefits

Cost reduction & improved productivity 

By augmenting workforces through the automation of systems and processes, employees are freed from mind-numbing tasks and can spend more time on higher value tasks that use their uniquely human skills. 

Improved quality

The consistent approach of IA to repetitive processes and tasks enhances work quality and leaves zero room for error. Through IA implementations, processing speed increases and all outputs are regularised.


Production can be accelerated without placing additional strain on existing employees or compromising quality.

Enhanced customer experiences

IA can use the data gathered from business processes, analytics and past customer interactions to create more personalised customer experiences and increase response times, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Data simplification 

Intelligent automation tools are able to track, measure, capture and structure complex data, eliminating speedbumps most organisations would normally encounter. 

Intelligent automation is a new generation of tools that brings about several benefits when implemented correctly. As an AWS partner and renowned digital solutions agency, we’re the perfect team to guide you through the IA journey and set your company up for future success. Are you ready to reap the rewards of IA? Get in touch – let’s build something great together.

Sharen van Lill

Digital Marketing Specialist

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