Senior Cloud Engineer

August 2, 2021

Founded in early 2014 by industry leaders Leo Redelinghuys and Deon Heunis, Swipe iX has quickly grown to become one of the most dynamic and versatile digital solutions agencies in Africa. With globally recognised clients including WeChat, DStv and Discovery Networks UK, to name a few, our team of senior solutions architects, technical designers and operations specialists have had the privilege of working on some of the most exciting technical executions of their careers’.

As of 2020 Swipe iX is owned by South Africa’s leading content marketing agency, New Media, combining decades of award-winning storytelling expertise with solid, scalable tech solutions. Our people are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we strive to create a flexible and balanced environment where New Medians and Swipers can choose brave, stay well and own their growth.

Passion and dedication are what drives the engine of our growth. Our enterprise-grade solutions are purpose-built from the ground up to satisfy every requirement and our platforms scale to support any load. Our agile approach allows us to constantly monitor, analyse, iterate and improve the products we build. Our solutions are powered by deep strategic thinking, global industry insights and operational best practices.

The Job

If you’re a developer with a passion for cloud computing & infrastructure solutions, then this is an opportunity for you. Swipe iX is looking for a full-time Senior Cloud Engineer to contribute to all levels of our technology enterprise – servers, databases, API, application servers and user interface. As an integral part of a dedicated team of technologists, you will help our company continue to innovate, grow, and provide great service to our clients. You will be part of an agile development team responsible for building exciting new applications on a very large scale. 



  1. Leading by example to promote departmental unity and instill a culture of teamwork
  2. Assist and advise team members on coding best practices in a supportive, motivating, and fact-driven way 
  3. Provide support to department heads in a fashion that supports Swipe iX's culture, mission, and values 
  4. Provide support to architects, engineers, and technology professionals to promote business-driven thinking and decision making on daily task delivery 


  1. An in-depth understanding of Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud solutions and experienced in integrating public cloud into traditional hosting/delivery models with a specific focus on AWS Extensive experience in conducting Cloud Readiness Assessments observing business and technical perspectives 
  2. Strong knowledge of the AWS Well-Architected Framework(s) with accompanying cost analysis and forecasts 
  3. Strong knowledge of AWS technologies like S3, Cognito, SNS, API Gateway, SES, SQS Assist with cloud development efforts and crisis management where needed while identifying the root cause and identifying preventative measures 
  4. Establish themself as a cloud digital specialist and critical resource across multiple disciplines 
  5. Researches and maintain a high awareness of cloud industry issues and trends, particularly in regard to emerging technologies 
  6. Ability to use a CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS using CodeBuild and Travis CI Ability to write code using AWS security best practices and Secrets Manager 
  7. Proficiency writing code for microservices architecture applications using Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda using Node.js runtime, Typescript and DynamoDB 
  8. Proficient in architectures supporting applications built on SPA frameworks like React and Angular using AWS S3, EC2 and CloudFront 
  9. Contributing to the company development standards working closely with the CTO and VPE Partners with business analysts, systems analysts and engineers in requirements gathering and reviews 
  10. Excitement about emerging web technologies 

Quality Assurance 

  1. Coordinates with Central QA for Load Testing / Code Profiling to meet Quality Performance Metrics 
  2. On a projects' inception assess and recommend software architecture design in the most proficient and cost-effective manner 
  3. Review and validate Scope of Work & Memorandum of Understanding documents to ensure they are accurate, feasible, and correct in their technological approach as per the documented Swipe processes and standards 
  4. Ensuring that all tasks that are to be briefed are accurate and contain all relevant information to allow for timely and efficient delivery of thereof


While we do not offer hard benefits like medical insurance, we have a number of additional benefits that will be made available to you. These include:  

  • The option to work remotely.
  • Regular company outings and activities.
  • Opportunities to apply for company-sponsored skills development programs such as online courses or seminars and conferences.

If you want to be part of our journey, please apply directly on the Simplify HR site.

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