Redefining Content Marketing | Marrying Storytelling & Tech

August 20, 2020

Redefining Content Marketing | Marrying Storytelling & Tech

Long before the digital age, people used to gather around campfires and exchange stories which would act as a bonding agent between individuals, helping them find common ground and relate to one another. As we enter the 4th industrial revolution, stories still serve the same purpose, but our campfires have been replaced with smartphones, televisions and other mediums of the Digital Age. Amidst the rise of the connected consumer, brand storytelling is no longer a distinguishable trait, pushing companies to up their content marketing game and fortify their efforts to cut through the clutter, in the hopes of reaching their target audience. In our latest article, Aileen Lamb (CEO, New Media) and Hendri Lategan (COO, Swipe iX) discuss the benefits of marrying powerful storytelling with emerging tech (full article: The Media Online).

Hendri Lategan


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